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The last few weeks have been really rough for me. I’ve just felt totally uninspired and, to be blunt, lacking. I’ve been feeling like I’m not smart enough, pretty enough, nice enough, sassy enough, attractive enough…I’ve felt like I didn’t have enough and would never be able to give enough. Then I spoke to my mother.

Ahhh, the woman is so full of gems, especially when they are the last things I want because I just want to sit in my bad mood and feel sorry for myself. Luckily, my mother being the loving woman that she is, would never allow such madness! After speaking with her -after she bestowed her warm, nurturing platitudes and motherly wisdom- I got a burst of inspiration. My life was by no means “figured out” and I didn’t suddenly know the numbers for tomorrow’s Cash For Life drawing. I simply knew what to cook! That’s it. Nothing spectacular by any means, but it was important, because that little spark of inspiration led to this, the creation if this blog.

I needed inspiration, and speaking to my mother, needing her guidance, inspired it! Knowing me, I may have to learn this lesson once or twice more over the course of my life, but tonight, without a doubt, I understand that “Necessity is the Mother of Inspiration.” I know, that’s not exactly the quote, but it still works, ok!

Anyway, I hope I can inspire someone. If not, I know I’ll be inspiring myself.

Sail On,



2 thoughts on “Inspiration | Invention

    1. Thank you so much Janie! I’m going to try to post much more often. If you’d like, check out my Instagram account @goldenbookpoetry for more inspiration and some of my original poetry. Thanks again for your kind, encouraging words! I really appreciate it!


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