Hate is Lethal, Don’t Let it Tear You Up.

dont bottle up your hate

I’ve sometimes been told that I’m naive for believing that the world has more love than hate in it; that war doesn’t have to be a part of life’s equation. Clearly I’m biased, but I don’t believe that I’m naive at all. Being human, I completely understand feeling angry and even hateful toward a situation or even a person. Sometimes we just feel slighted and disrespected. Being human, I also won’t pretend that I don’t occasionally feel the need to do something to even the score, even if it’s something as small as being incredibly rude or passive aggressive, or wishing something terrible would happen to a person just so they’d shut up!

The thing is, I refuse to believe that this is human nature. I think we have it in us to really be introspective and realize that we are capable of simple loving and letting go. Of course it isn’t easy, and we’ll often fall short, but I believe we’ll also feel good about ourselves. 

I know the picture above is a bit hilarious, but think about it: If we keep those feelings of hate, anger, sadness, and everything else that just sucks, it could really screw with us. And, it could screw with the people around us. Think about how often we let our negative feelings get bottled up and then we let them blow over on our unsuspecting loved ones. Unfortunately, I know that I for one have been guilty of taking my bad moods out on the people I love the most. I know I’m not alone. I’d say we do it because we know that their love is unconditional, but let’s be honest, they don’t deserve that and neither do we. 

So let’s learn to express our crappy feelings and then, more importantly, LET. THEM. GO! Let’s try to remember to #relaxrelateRELEASE. 

Sail On, 




(photo from Cyanide and Happiness. Check out all of the incredibly dark humor at explosm.net) 


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